Maker Academy Weekend with Jennifer Maker

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We also encourage you to read the answers to frequently asked questions below, as you my find your question has already been answered.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maker Academy Weekend 2023?

A free online event to help you make beautiful things to decorate your home, give as gifts, and even sell! The virtual event features over 30 free workshops and live events that teach you fun crafts and project ideas. The free event is November 1-5, 2023.

How much does it cost to attend?

Maker Academy Weekend 2023 is FREE! Each workshop and live presentation is totally free to watch for 24 hours starting the day and time it is set to air (November 1-5). After that, workshops and replays of live presentations are accessible only with a VIP All Access Pass which lets you watch or re-watch the classes and replays of the live events any time you want — you keep access to the workshops and live presentations for the lifetime of the content (indefinitely).

So what's the catch? You need a free ticket to get the links to the workshop livestreams and 24-hour replays.

How do I get a ticket?

Click here to get your free ticket! After the event is over, the only way to watch workshops is with a purchased VIP All Access Pass. So don't delay — get your free ticket today!

I requested a ticket, but never got an email. What do I do?

Most lost emails are due to two reasons:

  • You mistyped your email address by accident.
  • You received the email but don't see it because it's in promotions, spam, junk, a filtered folder, or you just don't recognize it.

I know this is frustrating! If you think you may have mistyped your email address, please signup again with the correct email. If you are sure you typed your email address correctly, please search your inbox for any email from If that still does not yield results, please email us at so we can check your email address and see if there is an issue with getting messages to you. Please send us just ONE email, as the volume of emails we receive directly impacts our ability to respond in a timely manner. You can expect a response within 24 hours. Thank you in advance for your patience and grace with us.

Where do I go to attend the workshops?

We will send you an email from at the start of each day (around 8:00 am ET), so be SURE you are getting our emails now. This email will have special links our livestreams, one for the morning workshops and one for the evening workshops. All you have to do is check your email, click on a link, turn up your speakers, and enjoy! If you purchase the VIP All Access Pass, you will have IMMEDIATE access to all workshop assembly videos and workbooks in the event—when you purchase, we will send you an email with details on how to access all the content right away!

Do I need to be on Facebook to take advantage of Maker Academy Weekend?

No. Our live workshops will air on our Facebook page, but we have an alternate viewing method available for ticket holders who wish to watch the videos off of the Facebook platform. Easy links will be provided once you're signed up to help you find all workshops and live events.

That said, if you do enjoy Facebook, we invite you to our private Facebook group — come join Cricut Crafters & Makers once you have your free ticket for fun giveaways and answers to all of your questions!

Do you have captions for your videos?

Yes, but they may not be live captions -- live captioning is completely depending on the platform, not us. If captions do not appear while we are live, they will appear within about one hour after the video finishes, so you may prefer to watch the replays that will get automatic captioning. Also, please note that all videos in our VIP All Access Pass have professionally-made and edited captions.

How many people are attending this event?

We have 85,000 crafters signed up for this years event.

Questions About Giveaways

What are you giving away during Maker Academy Weekend 2023?

We are giving away more than $12,000 in prizes! Please go to to see all of the awesome things.

Where do I enter for the giveaways?

Please go to to read the rules and enter.

Who can enter your giveaways?

Anyone with a free ticket and/or a VIP All Access Pass (email addresses must match) and who is otherwise eligible. Please visit to read the rules and see eligibility.

Where will you announce winners?

Winners will be announced in our Cricut Crafters and Makers Facebook group and in our livestream. Winners will also be emailed directly. You will not be contacted via private message or direct message. Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prizes. Once winners have claimed their prize and signed our permission forms, their names will be listed on our giveaway page at

I entered the giveaway, but didn't provide my last name. How will you know who I am?

Not to worry! If your name is drawn and you didn't provide a last name, we will cross reference your name with our other records (emails, orders, enrollments, signups, anything else we have) so we can identify you. We will not share your email address publicly to protect your privacy however.

Questions About Products in Live Videos

Note: This page contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link we will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more).

What is the white cabinet with all of the supplies in it behind Jennifer?

That is the DreamBox craft organizer! We are giving one away during Maker Academy Weekend 2023! Learn more about it and how to get special discounts and cool gifts with a purchase at

What is the amazing glue Jennifer keeps talking about?

That is Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue, and it's the bomb diggity. You can get one of the special edition JenniferMaker-themed bottles of glue with the precision tips at 10% off for a limited time here (use coupon code: JENNIFERMAKER).

What is Jennifer's Cricut Shop discount code?

Get her latest discount code, good for 10% off at the Cricut shop when you spend over $100, at her Cricut Discount Page.

What is the mint green mat on your table?

That is a nice big self-healing cutting mat made by Cricut. Get the same mat here.

What kind of cutting machines are you using?

The cutting machines shown and demonstrated in Jennifer's live videos during Maker Academy Weekend are the Cricut Maker 3, Cricut Explore 3, Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Joy, and the Cricut Joy Xtra.

Where do I get any of the books Jennifer has on her table?

Cricut Coach Playbook is available as an e-book here and as a print book here.

Sublimation Cookbook is available as an e-book here and as a print book here.

HTV Cookbook is available as an e-book here and as a print book here.

What kind of sublimation printer are you using?

Jennifer has six (yes, six) sublimation printers, but her two favorite are the Epson EcoTank (any model) filled with Hiipoo ink and the Sawgrass SG-500 with SubliJet ink. You can get Epson EcoTanks at good prices on Amazon. You can get a Sawgrass for the lowest price over at

What kind of sublimation ink do you use?

Jennifer uses Hiipoo ink in her Epson EcoTank and loves it.

What kind of sewing machine are you using?

The sewing machine shown and demonstrated in Jennifer's live videos during Maker Academy Weekend is a Janome Arctic Crystal, which is an inexpensive but reliable beginner sewing machine. (Note: It is a popular sewing machine and frequently goes out of stock. If it is out of stock, this is also a great beginner sewing machine.)

Where do I get the Sewing ShortCuts book Jennifer has on her table?

Jennifer's Sewing ShortCuts book is available as an e-book here and as a print book here.

Questions About Workshops and Content

Is this event just for Cricut crafters?

No, our design files can be used by anyone with a pair of scissors, a craft knife, or even another cutting machine such as a Silhouette or Brother or the new Siser Juliet.

Is this event just for people who have a maker machine?

Not at all! The term "maker" refers to ANY person who wants to make amazing things with the use of tools. This is an event for makers! And some of that "making" does include the use of technology like cutting machines and sewing machines, but there are printable patterns for EVERY design.

I have a cutting machine. Can I use it to make things in these workshops?

All of our workshops offer directions on making a project with a Cricut cutting machine. The great thing is that we have the design file in SVG format, which you can use on nearly ANY modern cutting machine, including Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore, Cricut Maker, Cricut Venture, Silhouette Cameo, Brother Scan 'N' Cut, Siser Juliet, and more.

Please also note that if you are a Silhouette user, the Silhouette Studio Basic Edition (the free edition) does not allow you to upload SVG files until you upgrade to the Designer Edition.

How do I know what the workshops are and what they cover?

Check out our event schedule for a daily at-a-glance overview of each class and the day and time it begins.

How long is each workshop?

Most workshops are just under one hour long, but the last workshop of the day may run a little longer.

What if I can't make it on the day and time a workshop I want to see airs?

No problem — you have 24 hours to watch every workshop replay. If you need more time, or want to watch outside of this 24-hour window, you can purchase the VIP All Access Pass with all of the replays (and more).

I am having issues finding my free ticket email or I just have more questions, can you help me?

Yes, we're always happy to help! Please email us at for questions about the free ticket, or email for questions about the VIP All Access Pass and we'll do everything we can to assist you.

Questions About the VIP All Access Pass

What's included in the VIP All Access Pass?

The VIP All Access Pass is full of goodies you're going to LOVE! You can watch the workshops at your leisure, reference our detailed workbooks, and read a full transcript of the class, too. Additionally, you get audio files to listen on the go, easy one-click access to all design files, special bonuses from our guest teachers (worth more than $200), and a 50% discount coupon good for any JenniferMaker course, workshop, or ebook good until Christmas 2023.

How much does the VIP All Access Pass cost?

Everything in the pass individually would cost more than $2000, but we have priced the VIP All Access Pass at just $79 to make it affordable. And if you purchase early the price is even LOWER! Right now it is just $59, but this price will go up to $79 soon. You’ll have an opportunity to buy the VIP All Access Pass right after you sign up for a free ticket, or just click here to get it now.

Wait, wasn't this free? Why would I need to purchase the VIP All Access Pass?

Yes! Every workshop and live event in Maker Academy Weekend will be FREE for viewers to access for 24 hours from its scheduled air time beginning November 1, 2023. The VIP All Access Pass gives you lifetime access to all of the Maker Academy Weekend 2023 workshops and live event replays. You can start right now with immediate access to our design files and printable workbooks, and then all of the Maker Academy Weekend workshop replays as they come online — watch anytime, anywhere, as many times as you’d like! And don’t forget that VIP All Access Passholders get easy access to audio files, transcripts, a bonus library of tags, labels, and cards, and a 50% discount for any JenniferMaker course, workshop, or event (good until Christmas 2023).

I signed up for your virtual event last year — is this the same?

No, this is an ALL-new event with totally new workshops, designs, giveaways, and fun. Last year’s ticket/pass will not get you into this year’s — you need to sign up for a new one.

I'm interested in the VIP All Access Pass, but I'm afraid I won't use it. How do I know it's for me?

I get it — you want to make amazing things, but you’re not sure if you’re purchasing a real thing or a gimmick. These workshops are jam packed with solid, professional level designs and techniques that you can start using today. If you watch just one workshop and start making just one project, you will have accomplished something few others do. You have to do the work and there's no magic "easy" button, but if you're willing to try and not give up, these classes can give you the inspiration and motivation you need to get started!

And while we're confident that the VIP All Access Pass is well worth the investment, if you dive into the classes and aren’t completely satisfied, you're covered with my 30-day Happiness Guarantee! Just reach out to our support team and request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. 

There are SO MANY amazing workshops! How will I ever watch them all?

You probably won't, and you don't need to either! We have so many workshops so there's something for everyone at the Maker Academy Weekend 2023. Start with a few and go from there.

I see lots of great workshops, but some things don't apply to me. Do I have to get everything together?

Maker Academy Weekend 2023 reaches makers in all walks of life, so if you start a workshop and it’s just not working for you, move on to the next one! We sell the VIP All Access Pass as a complete package, and you never know which project will be the one that inspires and motivates you.

If you’re worried about getting your money’s worth, don’t be. Just three or four of these workshops alone are well worth the cost of the VIP All Access Pass, and don’t forget about the bonuses! In fact, some of the bonuses are worth more than the cost of the pass itself!

Okay, this sounds way too good to be true. Is this for real?

Maker Academy Weekend 2023 is such a good deal that it almost sounds too good to be true, but you’ll be joining thousands of VIP All Access Passholders who also got an amazing deal – no strings attached! Within just a few minutes of your purchase you’ll get an email with instructions for accessing the content. If you run into any technical difficulties, I’ve got an amazing Maker Experience team on call who are more than ready to jump in and help you out!

Is this a one-time payment or recurring fee?

The 2023 VIP All Access Pass is a simple one-time payment. This is not a subscription nor is it a recurring fee, and we have no payment plans for this pass.

Do I have to buy it again next year if you host this event again?

If we do it again next year, which I don't yet know if we will, it would be entirely new workshops and you would need to buy another pass if you wanted one. We may or may not do more of these, and they may or may not be at the same time of the year. So the 2023 VIP All Access Pass for Maker Academy Weekend is just for 2023.

I am a student in another course or workshop you offer. Is the VIP All Access Pass included free in that?

No, Maker Academy Weekend 2023 is all new content and the 2023 VIP All Access Pass is not included in any of my other resources.

What if I don't have time for the VIP All Access Pass right now?

I know life is crazy and busy! If you don’t have time to watch the classes in the VIP All Access Pass today, no worries. You’ll get lifetime access to every single workshop and live event replay – they’ll be ready and waiting for you when you’re ready to get started!

Does the VIP All-Access Pass include supplies for each workshop?

No, those you get on your own as needed for the workshops that interest you.

Is this a one-time payment or recurring fee?

The 2023 VIP All Access Pass is a simple one-time payment. This is not a subscription nor is it a recurring fee, and we have no payment plans for this pass

I purchased a VIP All Access Pass, but I don't know how to login. What do I do?

Check your email for a message from "" called "VIP All Access Pass for Maker Academy Weekend - Access Details" which will give you all the details you need. In a nutshell, to access your VIP pass contents, you must first login at Once you're logged in, you can access the Maker Academy Weekend 2023 VIP Portal from your My Courses page here.

What if I have another question?

Please send an email to and we'll do our best to assist!


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