Maker Academy Weekend 2023

Event Schedule & Replays

All Times in Eastern Time — please note that daylight savings time ends in the Eastern Time Zone on Sunday, 11/5 at 2:00 am and clocks will move back at that point, but all times below are accurate whether it is EST or EDT.

Day 1: Wednesday, 11/01/23

Day 2: Thursday, 11/02/23 - Get a VIP Pass for lifetime replays

Day 3: Friday, 11/03/23 - Get a VIP Pass for lifetime replays

Day 4: Saturday, 11/04/23 - Get a VIP Pass for lifetime replays

Day 5: Sunday, 11/05/23 - Get a VIP Pass for lifetime replays

On-demand access to the following guest speaker workshops starting at 9:00 am:

What You'll Learn

15+ Popular Project Workshops LIVE with Jennifer

Sublimated Gift Supplies

Plus additional workshops and projects from these Guest Speakers!


"I am always wanting to learn what others are doing, but I don't have or know the resources on where to begin to learn. I thought about not doing it because I am a busy person, but I need me time. So I went for it, and wow, I can't believe the opportunity that is being given here, there are so many different classes to choose from!"
Teresa Weyer

Who You'll Be Learning From

Meet Your Weekend Host: Jennifer Maker

Jennifer Maker

Called the "queen of crafting" by her millions of fans, Jennifer is the founder of the wildly popular JenniferMaker blog and channel that both inspires and teaches you how to make beautiful things. Jennifer has been teaching for decades and is known for her easy-to-follow approach and complete directions from start to finish that anyone can follow.

Jennifer will be hosting the ENTIRE four-day-long live event, including the kickoff party and every workshop.

She's also the host of our special "lunch-and-learn" sessions each day during the Maker Academy Weekend event where she and her craft friends share their experience and wisdom.

You'll love hanging out LIVE with Jennifer all weekend long, immersed in the wonderful working of crafting and making amazing things!

"Nothing to lose by signing up and everything to gain! I have been following Jennifer Maker for a long time. I love her videos. They teach a lot of crating techniques. I jumped in with both feet after watching them. So when I saw the beautiful page with so many classes, I knew I had to sign up. Looking forward to the classes and making new crafting buddies."
Krista Grebenc