Presented by Guest Teacher Tisa Jackson

Tisa Jackson

This workshop was available on Sunday, November 5, 2023 for 24 hour access.

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Join Tisa Jackson as you learn how to add rhinestones to a tumbler featuring at least two blinging techniques. She will walk you through all the supplies needed, prepping your surface, uploading your design into the Design Space, and on to completing your bling project!

This tumbler for a perfect holiday gift, or keep it for yourself.

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Meet Tisa Jackson

Tisa is the creative enthusiast behind This Is Tisa & Confetti University. Selling colorful stationery and small gifts + shares her love for crafting, one workshop at a time. Creating everyday things or blinging out everyday objects to sparkle and make you smile...everyone could use a little HAPPY. Visit her blog, thisistisa.com, and learn quick and easy crafts anyone can create, even if you don't consider yourself a crafter. Join in on monthly workshops for crafting and fun, or join our new crafting group for crafting ideas and community.  

Follow her on Instagram and follow along with her not-so-perfect beautiful life. Tisa has worked with Michaels, Astrobrights, Beacon, Groove, Crayola, HP, Cricut, and more.

Get the VIP Pass for immediate and lifetime access to this workshop!

Get the VIP Pass for immediate and lifetime access to this workshop!