Alpine Village Houses

Presented by Guest Teacher Lucy Foxworth

This workshop was available on Sunday, November 5, 2023 for 24 hour access.

This workshop is no longer available.

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Join Lucy Foxworth in this workshop for a delightful crafting experience where you learn to construct your very own charming Alpine Christmas village house, a miniature masterpiece perfect for adorning your Christmas tree, wreath, or bookshelf.

While this project can certainly be crafted from card stock, Lucy loves cardboard as the material of choice, imparting durability and a rustic charm to your Alpine Christmas house.

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Meet Lucy Foxworth

Lucy is the brilliant mind behind the captivating tiny house designs at 

With her heart and soul rooted in teaching, Lucy possesses a creative vision that she clearly communicates. Her infectious personality and imagination spark creativity in others, while her meticulously planned designs leave enthusiasts awestruck without overwhelming them. 

Often found covered in glue and cat hair and immersed in the details of her latest projects, Lucy is a crafting expert who loves sharing her knowledge so anyone can craft extraordinary creations.

Lucy has been featured in Good Housekeeping and within

Get the VIP Pass for immediate and lifetime access to this workshop!

Get the VIP Pass for immediate and lifetime access to this workshop!