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Ever wish you could just sit down with someone who already knew how to do "all the things" and have them just explain and simplify it for you?

Want some designs and tutorials that actually work for busy people who already have a lot going on this year? (Don't we all!)

That’s exactly what you get when you attend this FREE online event!

Learn WITHOUT leaving your house! You'll learn how to make the things everyone loves to decorate your home, give as heartfelt gifts, or even sell online or at craft fairs.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime event you don't want to miss!


"I grabbed a free ticket ASAP because being older and new to this way of crafting, your videos have helped me tremendously! Sometimes I need to watch them more than once, but only because I’m learning all of this new lingo! Anyone who has the desire to learn a new craft must get a ticket!"
Maora Evans

What You'll Learn

Here are this year's all-new projects

Hanging Star Lantern
Snowflake Candy Holders
Etched Slate Coasters & Cheeseboard
Sublimated Gift Supplies
DIY Faux Terrarium
DIY Bowl Cozy
Autumn Shadowbox
DIY Napkin Rings & Cutlery Holders
Personalize Christmas Stockings
Winter Shadowbox
Sublimation Stickers
Tabletop Christmas Tree

And new this year ...
even more projects from my special guest teachers !

Amy Romeu
Angie Holden
Beth Kingston
Cori George
Courtney Brickner
Crafting with Delonda
Lynn Lilly
Jen Swift
Lia Griffith
Tasha Agruso
Tisa Jackson

"I am always wanting to learn what others are doing, but I don't have or know the resources on where to begin to learn. I thought about not doing it because I am a busy person, but I need me time. So I went for it, and wow, I can't believe the opportunity that is being given here, there are so many different classes to choose from!"
Teresa Weyer

Plus as a SPECIAL BONUS for claiming your FREE TICKET you'll get...

Bonus #1: Free Designs, Patterns and Printables

Get 200+ professional-level cut design files, patterns, and printables that go with each workshop FREE! Here's a peek at what you can access and download with your free ticket starting November 1, 2023!

Plus access to Jennifer's free library with thousands more designs you can use!

Bonus #2: Giveaways!

We're giving away over $12,000 in prizes during Maker Academy Weekend 2023, so the sooner you get your free ticket, the more likely you are to win! Prizes include:

Grand Prizes:
DreamBox 2 craft organizer plus a copy of Jennifer's latest book,
HTV Cookbook

Cricut Autopress Bundle plus a copy of Sublimation Cookbook, HTV Cookbook, and scholarships to both Cricut College: Design to Shine and Cut Above SVG Design Course

Plus more...

  • HTV Cookbook bundles of both the digital and print guide
  • Scholarships to Design to Shine course - Platinum Tier
  • Scholarships to Cut Above course - Platinum Tier
  • Cricut Joy Xtra Smart Cutting Machine Bundle
  • Scholarships to JenniferMaker Workshops
  • Cricut Explore 3 Smart Cutting Machines
  • Cricut Maker 3 Smart Cutting Machines
  • Epson EcoTank Sublimation Bundle
  • Sublimation Cookbook Bundles
  • JenniferMaker Bearly Art Glue
  • JenniferMaker Gift Cards

Plus awesome prizes from our weekend guest teachers, including:

  • A Cricut Maker 3 cutting machine from Abbi Kirsten
  • A Cricut EasyPress 3 from Abbi Kirsten
  • One seat in the Sublimation Prep Course by Angie Holden
  • A Sublimation Photo Mug Bundle from Angie Holden
  • 5 VIP Passes to Faux-La-La Holiday Crafting Event from Amy Romeu
  • The Kingston Christmas Collection from HSN by Beth Kingston
  • Three seats to the Cut File Clean Up E-Course by Cori George
  • The Crafty Profit Projector from Courtney Brickner
  • An Alpine House Making Kit from Lucy Foxworth
  • A Physical Prize Pack from Lynn Lilly
  • 3 Seats to Design Magic SVG and Sublimation Course with Jamela Payne
  • Designer in a Binder from Tasha Agruso
  • Kaleidoscope Living Wall Calendars from Tasha Agruso

Bonus #3: 24-Hour Extended Access to Replays

You can watch our LIVESTREAM recordings of the workshops for a full 24 hours after they air! All free ticket holders will receive notification of where to find the livestream replay recordings, so there's no hunting for them!


"I am looking forward to this event. It’s basically a one-stop shop for holiday “how to’s.” I am saving time Googling and searching YouTube for instructions or clarifications. I know I need to work smarter and not harder to get all the things I am envisioning in my head done."
Jen Dixon

Who You'll Be Learning From

Meet Your Weekend Host: Jennifer Maker


Called the "queen of crafting" by her millions of fans, Jennifer is the founder of the wildly popular JenniferMaker blog and channel that both inspires and teaches you how to make beautiful things. Jennifer has been teaching for decades and is known for her easy-to-follow approach and complete directions from start to finish that anyone can follow.

Jennifer will be hosting the ENTIRE five-day-long live event, including the kickoff party and workshops.

She's also the host of our special "lunch-and-learn" sessions each day during the Maker Academy Weekend event where she and her friends Cori George, Angie Holden, Lucy Foxworth, Beth Kingston, Courtney Brickner, Amy Romeu, Delonda Ford, and Abbi Kirsten chat about how to afford and organize craft supplies, get inspired and use unusual materials, and share what motivates them to finish projects!

You'll love hanging out LIVE with Jennifer and all our friends all weekend long, immersed in the wonderful world of crafting and making amazing things!

"Nothing to lose by signing up and everything to gain! I have been following Jennifer Maker for a long time. I love her videos. They teach a lot of crating techniques. I jumped in with both feet after watching them. So when I saw the beautiful page with so many classes, I knew I had to sign up. Looking forward to the classes and making new crafting buddies."
Krista Grebenc


Who Should Attend This Event

  • Anyone who wants this season to be extra special this year
  • Anyone who wants to know how to make the most popular projects
  • Anyone who wants to get in the spirit and have some fun
  • Anyone who is looking for new crafting ideas and inspiration
  • Anyone who is having trouble figuring out how to make something
  • Anyone who wants to DIY instead of buy this holiday season

Answers to Your Questions

How much does it cost to attend?

Maker Academy Weekend 2023 is FREE! Each workshop and live presentation is totally free to watch for 24 hours starting the day and time it is set to air. After that, workshop videos and replays of live presentations are accessible only with a VIP All Access Pass which lets you watch or re-watch the workshops and replays of the live events any time you want — you keep access to the workshops and live presentations forever.

So what's the catch? You need a free ticket! Click any of the signup buttons on this page to get your free ticket!

I signed up for your virtual event last year — is this the same?

No, this is an ALL-new event with totally new workshops, designs, giveaways, and fun. Last year's ticket/pass will not get you into this year's — you need to sign up for a new one.

Where do I go to attend the workshops?

You can attend from anywhere! One of the best parts about Maker Academy Weekend is that you can watch and participate from the comfort of your home! All you need is an Internet connection and a device to watch it on, such as a computer, tablet, or phone.

We will send you an email from hello@jennifermaker.com each day of Maker Academy Weekend with special links to the workshops and all the free designs that go along with it. All you have to do is check your email, click on a link, turn up your speakers, and enjoy!

If you purchase the VIP All Access Pass, you will have immediate and LIFETIME access to all free designs, printable workbooks, and many of the professionally-edited workshop videos — when you purchase, we will send you an email with details on how to access all the workshops and workbooks right away! Get VIP Pass Details here.

Do I need to be on Facebook to take advantage of Maker Academy Weekend?

No. Our live events will air in multiple locations outside Facebook, so you don't need Facebook to watch the event. You choose where you want to watch. And replays of all live videos will be edited and uploaded to the same location as the workshops. Easy links will be provided to help you find all workshops and live events.

What supplies do I need for each workshop?

We have detailed lists all ready for every workshop! Links to the various supply lists will be sent in your email confirmation after you signup for your free ticket.

What if I don't have the exact same supplies?

No worries! Use what you already have or what you can find. If a substitution or alternative isn't likely to succeed, we do our best to tell you in advance in the supply list.

Do you have captions for your videos?

Yes, our event replays will have automatically-generated captions. If you need real-time captions, please use the Live Caption feature available in Google Chrome.

Is this event just for people who have a Cricut Maker?

Not at all! The term "maker" refers to ANY person who wants to make awesome things. Our event schedule gives you an idea of the wide variety of workshops available during our event.

I have a cutting machine. Can I use it to make things in these workshops?

Yes! All of our workshops show you how to use a Cricut cutting machine to speed up your crafting. That said, our workshops include a free design file in SVG format, which you can use on nearly ANY modern cutting machine, including Cricut Joy, Cricut Explore, Cricut Maker, Silhouette Cameo, Brother Cut 'N' Scan, and more.

I only have a Cricut Joy. Do you have projects for me?

Yes! At last count, at least half of the projects can be made on a Cricut Joy, either with special Joy-sized designs we've provided or with a little simple resizing.

I have a sublimation printer. Can I use it to make things in these workshops?

Yes! We have several sublimation-specific workshops, plus some that could be done with sublimation instead of Infusible Ink transfer sheets. We try to offer various methods whenever possible!

How do I know what the workshops are and what they cover?

Check out our event schedule for a daily at-a-glance overview of each workshop and the day and time it begins.

What will you cover in each workshop?

Jennifer will introduce the project, explain the supplies and tools, show you exactly how to get the free design and prepare it, cut it, and apply it, and then show the finished result and different variations you can make. Each workshop is organized into three sections:

1. Introduction, Supplies, and Tools (live in Jennifer's studio) - about 15 minutes
2. Design, Cut & Assembly (Jennifer will play a professionally edited segment for clear instruction and minimal distractions) - about 15 minutes
3. Finished Result and Q&A (live in Jennifer's studio) - about 15 minutes

Each workshop is 45 minutes long, with a few more involved ones being more like 75-90 minutes long. There is a 15 minute music and slideshow break in between each workshop during the livestream.

Please note that our guest teacher workshops are on-demand, rather than presented live.

How did you pick the projects this year?

We chose these projects based on two factors -- request and need. First, these projects are all highly requested projects from our community. Second, these projects are all items that are in high demand on Etsy, at craft fairs, and in local communities. These are the "greatest hits" of the past year in terms of handmade projects!

Why are there SO many workshops?

We want to offer at least one project that interests everyone in our community, so we picked 20+ of the projects YOU have been asking us to teach you! You're welcome to join us for all, but I don't expect everyone to want to attend ALL of the workshops. Pick and choose what you're most interested in!

What if I can't make it on the day and time a workshop I want to see airs?

No problem — you have 24 hours to watch every workshop. If you need more time, or want to watch outside of this 24-hour window, you can purchase the VIP All Access Pass with all of the replays (and so much more).

What's included in the VIP All Access Pass?

The VIP All Access Pass is full of goodies you're going to LOVE! You get immediate access to all our design files, downloadable assembly videos to watch at your leisure, printable workbooks with full step-by-step instructions and photos, transcripts of each workshop, and even audio files if you want to listen while you work or walk. You also get lifetime access to all of the live event replays so you can watch them whenever you want! Plus you get access to an exclusive Facebook group just for VIP Passholders where you can ask questions and get support for every project in our workshops. Another bonus is a special collection of tags, labels, and "care cards" to include with your finished projects when you gift or sell them!

How much does the VIP All Access Pass cost?

Everything in the pass individually would cost more than $2000, but we have priced the VIP All Access Pass at just $79 to make it affordable. BUT we have a discount right now! If you purchase now, the price is even LOWER... a VIP Pass is just $59 until midnight on November 6th. But this price will go up to $79 on November 7th. You’ll have an opportunity to buy the VIP All Access Pass right after you sign up for a free ticket, or just click here to get it now.

I am having issues finding my free ticket email or I just have more questions, can you help me?

Yes, we're always happy to help! Please email us at hello@jennifermaker.com for questions about the free ticket, or email vip@jennifermaker.com for questions about the VIP All Access Pass and we'll do everything we can to assist you.


"I was so thrilled when I saw the long list of projects at my fingertips! I'm so excited just knowing that all of my holiday crafting needs will be covered. And the best part is I don't have to search online or through the hundreds of files I have stored on my computer. They're all right in one spot. Honestly, I have a very hard time passing on anything offered by Jennifer. I've never been disappointed. Not once."
Robin Fritz

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