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Learn how to choose and set up a sublimation printer that meets your needs, learn the tools and supplies for sublimated projects, and then learn how to design and make a fun project with Jennifer! You also receive support and help from Jennifer Maker and her whole team to get the real confidence to create!

Sublimation Startup
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Sublimation crafting is the latest trend and a wonderful way to add full-color designs to many of your crafts! You can make professional-level items for your home, your family, your friends... or even to sell!

If you’re new to sublimation, this mini-course is perfect for learning fundamental techniques and skills. You do NOT need a sublimation printer before you begin, as we will go over everything — from printers to ink to paper to presses to blanks — together to help you make the best decisions on what YOU need.

And if you already have a sublimation printer, you’ll get to challenge yourself and continue building your skills by learning about other printers, tools, techniques, and tips. 

In this mini course, you’ll learn: 

  • What printers you can use for sublimation, from purpose-built printers to converted printers
  • Different types of inks for sublimation
  • Why your paper matters and the best paper to use!
  • How to get your sublimation prints to transfer successfully with the right heat and pressure
  • Dozens of different blanks, including some really cool and unusual things you never would have thought you could sublimate!
  • How to troubleshoot common sublimation mishaps, like lines in prints, faded images, and edge lines on fabrics!
  • How to try out the full sublimation process for under $55 (or less!)
  • PLUS ... how to design a personalized sublimation journal in FREE software anyone can use and print it from MORE free software in the proper size it to fit YOUR journal or notebook or or other sublimation materials ... there are many ways to make this project!

Included in this mini course is:

  • Three in-depth class videos with step-by-step instructions that can be watched anytime, even downloaded to watch offline!
  • An invitation to the live airing of the classes with Jennifer on May 20, 21, and 22 and 2 pm ET where afterward she answer all of your questions.
  • Access to the recordings of the Q&A sessions so you can watch it anytime, anywhere!
  • Free designs, printer profiles, and sublimation resource lists!
  • Expert support with Jennifer and her team - do you have questions? Because we have answers!
Jennifer with Sublimation Printers
Sublimation Ink
Sublimation Projects
Sublimation Journals
Sharon Kelly

"I’ve always loved projects I’ve seen others do but when my machine arrived I didn’t know where to begin. I found Jennifer Maker on YouTube and instantly subscribed to her channel and blog. Her teaching style was calming and easy to follow. When she offered her classes at the Maker Academy I had to sign up and am so thankful I did. Better than I ever imagined. I learned so much that day and the best part was I could now go back and replay the class pausing and doing my project with her. Jennifer, her team and everyone in her groups are so kind and quick to answer any of my rookie questions and help me when I feel stuck! I’ve found my family! Don’t hesitate....sign up now." — Sharon Kelly 

Jennifer has the answers!

Called the "queen of crafting" by her millions of fans, Jennifer is the founder of the wildly popular JenniferMaker blog and channel that both inspires and teaches you how to make beautiful things.

Jennifer has been teaching for decades and is known for her easy-to-follow approach and complete directions from start to finish that anyone can follow. She can teach you how to make pretty much anything!

In addition to teaching, Jennifer is an award-winning designer and author of over 60 published, bestselling books. She and her designs have been featured in FIRST for Women, Country Living, Good Housekeeping, Apartment Therapy, BuzzFeed, and 5-Minute Crafts, as well as on USA Today and Fox News affiliates.

"I love Jennifer Maker's tutorials and workshops!

She's very detailed and easy to follow step-by-step. I've watched several other people's tutorials, but always end up coming back to hers.

She's a very talented crafter and teacher!"

Crystal Stainback


People Love Jennifer's Courses and Workshops


Jennifer’s workshops are a great way to learn new techniques. Even though I use a different machine than the Cricut used by Jennifer, I am able to make the projects by using the comparable operation for my machine. The tips given throughout the workshops are very helpful. — Shellie Reid

New Cricut Owner

I got a new machine and didn't know how to use it. I did a lot of research and looked at many sites. When I found your site, I just knew this was the one. You and your team are amazing at getting back answering questions and you take the time to read and answer too! This is, by far, the best place for instructions, motivation, and creativity and it shows in your love and sincerity you project. — Betty Seifert


"I got a new machine a couple months ago and was scared to use it. You and your team and your tutorials have helped me to just "go for it." I am so happy that I signed up for all your workshops as I always learn new techniques. You are the best teacher and really care about your students. Thank you and your team for all you do." — Connie Selby

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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Why should I enroll in Sublimation Startup rather than watch a YouTube video or read a blog tutorial?

This mini-course is designed for those who feel they need a little extra help understanding how to get started with sublimation, whether they already have a sublimation printer or are still shopping for one. You can ask questions and feel confident that you'll get help here! This mini-course is also great for those who enjoy learning from Jennifer's easy-to-understand, calm, and clear method of teaching. This is a no-fluff, no-mess, no-distraction workshop ... it's like sitting down with Jennifer in her craft room to learn directly from her! We work in logical steps to build your understanding and confidence with sublimation, and then provide support to keep helping you as you continue on your journey!

How long is the mini course?

The course is split into three classes — a PRINT IT class (2 hours), a PREP IT class (2 hours), and a PRESS IT class (2 hours). All classes are followed by a Q&A session as well.

Do I have to have to use Facebook for this workshop?

No. All videos, files, and resources are stored in the Course Area in our Teachable school system, which does not share a login with Facebook.

What equipment do I need?

  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to watch the videos. All other equipment, such as a sublimation printer and heat press, will be explained in depth inside the course.

Do I need a sublimation printer for this?

No, you do not! I will teach you about sublimation printers and help you choose one IF you wish to get one. But I'll also teach you how you can sublimate without a printer!

And if you DO have a sublimation printer, I can teach you how to use yours better and how to troubleshoot issues (I have four sublimation printers -- a Sawgrass, Epson SureColor, Epson EcoTank, and Epson Workforce).

What software do I need?

We will use free software to design and print our sublimation designs, and this will be explained and taught during the course. You will want to watch, listen, and learn first, then follow along while watching the class replay.

What materials do I need?

If you'd like to make the course craft (a personalized sublimation notebook for recording all of your settings and notes that will become your sublimation BFF), you'll want some basic supplies -- there are MANY ways to make this notebook so it is accessible to those of you who want to buy a sublimation-ready notebook or just want to use basic, less expensive materials from Amazon, Walmart, Five Below, Dollar Tree, or even on something you may already have. Material lists for all variations are provided inside the course as soon as you signup! This is a project anyone can do, regardless of your budget or your access to supplies. You're going to be amazed at the wide variety of ways you can sublimate.

Will I learn how to make a sublimation design?

Yes! I will show you how to use FREE software to create a personalized design that fits your sublimation blank.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes! If you attend our classes live, you'll have the opportunity to ask Jennifer questions during and at the end of the class. And you can post in our Facebook group with the hashtag #sublimationstartup (so we can reliably find your question) and/or email us directly at at any time!


Jennifer Maker's workshops and tutorials are some of the best available. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. She even includes mistakes so we all can learn from them. Her upbeat personality makes it easy to listen and follow along. — Sondra Bryson


I would have never opened my box if I hadn’t first watched JenniferMaker videos and seen her ideas and passion for helping others. I can’t imagine the money, time and frustration I have saved because Jennifer already made those mistakes and learning curve for me. Because of her I see the capabilities. She’s so ingenious! — Mikki Ashton


I consider myself an advanced crafter but I was very intimidated. The good news is I invested in the Workbook and now I am a master of my machine! If I need to know how to do something, I just refer to her instructions. They are one pagers, very succinct and understandable. Throw any doubts away and join the club!Barbara Shook