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Sublimation Cookbook

Can't remember how long to press that sublimation blank?

Not sure what order to stack your layers?

Confused about how to get the best transfer?

Never Guess at Times or Temperatures Again!

The Sublimation Cookbook guide can help, with step-by-step sublimation project recipes for over 150 different sublimation blanks. Each of these "recipes" show you exactly what to use, how long to press, how hot to press it, and how to take care of your sublimated project for long lasting results.

By learning in small steps, you avoid the overwhelm that usually comes with trying to get control over something that is confusing and hard-to-remember.  

And good news if you're eager to start NOW. This 132-page printable cookbook is instantly available to you as a digital download sent to your email. You can have it spiral bound at most office supply stores. Nothing will be shipped, meaning you don't have to pay shipping!

This collection of step-by-step sublimation "recipes" gives you easy-to-follow directions for all the most popular sublimation blanks! It tells you exactly what to do for each project. If you just want someone to tell you what to do, this is it.

The Sublimation Cookbook works for everyone, from beginners to pros!

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Here's what crafters say about Sublimation Cookbook

Connie Martin
Connie Martin

"I love the book and wish I'd had it when I first started sublimating! So much helpful information and tips. I keep a lot of notes for the times, temperatures, and pressure for the various blanks I've used so far but love having this all in once place and can add my notes to it. Thank you for creating this book!" — Debbie Torgeson

Cheryl Holland
Cheryll Holland

"I started using it immediately and found it to be my "go to" when I am making, ordering supplies, and need direction. In fact, I received answers to my questions and ordered supplies already." — Anita Coleman

Lisa Alberding
Lisa Alberding
Sublimation Cookbook by JenniferMaker

Sublimation Cookbook is the Answer to Your Question!

Does it Work for My Sublimation Printer?

Yes! The Sublimation Cookbook is for ANY sublimation printer, because it focuses on the materials, times, temperatures, and pressures. This also works for those without printers who order sublimation prints or use sublimation transfer sheets like Infusible Ink.

Does it Work for My Heat Press?

Yes! We've included times for the following types of heat presses and heat sources:

  • Traditional clamshell heat press
  • Cricut EasyPress
  • Autopress
  • Mini press
  • Convection Oven
  • Tumbler press
  • Mug press
  • Hat press
  • Air fryer

What Does the Cookbook Cover?

  • Sublimation Equipment
  • Sublimation Ingredients
  • Sublimation Pressures and Temperatures
  • Sublimation Printing
  • Other Forms of Sublimation Ink
  • Sublimation Transfer Sheets
  • Chapter 1: Polyester — T-shirt(s), Hoodies, Tanks, Polos, Bodysuits, Hat(s), Tote Bags, Microfiber Towels, Aprons, Fleece Blankets, Plushies, Oven Mitts, Floor Mats, Sequin Pillows, Canvas Pillow, Garden Flags, Socks, Stockings, Face Masks, Standard Patch, Fringed Patch, Sequin Patch
  • Chapter 2: Stainless Steel — Straight Side Tumblers, Tapered Tumblers, Camping Mugs, Flasks, Insulated Can Coolers
  • Chapter 3: Ceramics — Mugs with handles, Mugs without handles, Camping Mugs, Tiles, Ornaments, Plates, Bowls
  • Chapter 4: MDF & HDF — Coasters, Picture Frames, Wall Signs and Other Signs, Clipboards and Dry Erase, Magnets, Puzzles, Tags
  • Chapter 5: Glass — Cutting Boards, Drinkware with Handle, Drinkware with no Handle, Tiles & Photo Panels, Ornaments
  • Chapter 6: Slate — Photo Slates and Non-Square Slates such as circles, ovals, hearts, and more 
  • Chapter 7: Aluminum — Photo Panels, License Plates, License Plate Frames, Business Cards, Stickers, Ornaments, Wind Spinners 
  • Chapter 8: Acrylic & Plastic (FRP) — Dog Tags, Business Cards, Ornaments, Place Card Signs, Faux Leather Notebooks and Sheets, Watchband, ID Badges, Luggage Tags, Badge Reels, Frisbees, Magnets, Door Plate, Door Hangers, Hanging Ornaments & Key Rings
  • Chapter 9: Wood & Fiberboard — Wood and Trophy Plaques, Garden Stakes, Wood Cake Toppers, Wood Signs, Charcuterie Boards 
  • Chapter 10: Vinyl, Paper, & Cardboard — Vinyl Stickers, Labels, & Decals, Puzzles, Cardboard-bound and spiral notebooks
  • Chapter 11: Neoprene — Mouse Pads, Drink Sleeves and Can Coolers, Lunch Bags, Chapstick Holders, Car Coasters, Flip Flops
  • Chapter 12: Everything Else — T-Shirts: All or mostly cotton, Clear HTV, Clear over White HTV, Adhesive Vinyl, Glitter HTV, Holographic HTV, Glow in the Dark HTV, EasySubli, DTV, DTF, Lamination sheets, Laminate on Glass, Sublimation Spray
  • Worksheets & Notes

If you'd also like to take a peek inside and see actual pages and recipes, I am offering FREE pages from Sublimation Cookbook! Just click the button below to request them.

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What if I'm Brand New to Sublimation?

You are in the right place. My Sublimation Cookbook covers the basic tools and ingredients to be successful with sublimation, then walks you through SO MANY projects step-by-step. This is the perfect companion for a new sublimation crafter, as you can print it out to reference each time you want to sublimate something.

What if I Already Know Sublimation Well?

The Cookbook will still help you! I don't know about you, but I still have to look up the times and pressures for nearly every project I do, even if I've done it dozens of times. I just forget all the numbers if I haven't don't it in the past day or so. And when I guess, I guess wrong. But with everything written down in the Sublimation Cookbook, that's a thing of the past. These recipes eliminate all the guesswork and you get things done FAST.

Sublimation Cookbook Tapered Tumblers

How Fast Can I Get It?

Immediately after you order it! This is a digital product (nothing will be shipped to you). Keep it on your computer, your phone, or print it out and keep it near your sublimation printer ... or all of the above! 

Will You Keep It Updated?

Yes! This version was last updated in June 2023. And once purchased, you can re-download it to get the latest version anytime you want!

Sublimation Cookbook

So How Much Is It?

The 132-page, full-color Cookbook is easily worth $50 or more, but for limited time I'm offering it at just $19.

And -- BONUS -- if there's a fun new blank, or we find new settings or tips for a project, you can re-download the updated Cookbook to get all the new stuff. That's right — future updates to the Cookbook are free of charge to purchasers!

ALSO, if you have ideas for new recipes, let me know -- if I get enough requests, I'll add them and you get access to the updated file.

The Sublimation Cookbook will save you TONS of time AND you'll be able to make even more amazing things than before.

It's like having a sublimation expert right beside you!

"I was amazed at everything that is in the book. All the answers to the questions about sublimation are included. All the temperature setting and more. A great book to purchase for a reasonable price. Enjoy reading!" -- Anne Marie Hansel

"Great table of Contents, just click the page you want to review and you are there. We are all always in a hurry, we want to start a project and finish quickly. With this cookbook every recipe has very Easy to follow the instructions. Each recipe starts with a list of ingredients, and easy step by step instructions. Also includes temp guide for different type of heating devices. Great resource I will find myself using all the time. Thank you Jennifer for creating this cookbook." — Viviana Hargis

"As with all of Jennifer's video tutorials, this 'cookbook' is full of helpful information in a simple to understand format. I love the 'sandwich' illustrations! They are great reminder of all of the layers needed to sublimate. I'm so happy that she included instructions for a convection oven! I can't wait to make ALL of the things!" — Cyndi M.

"This book is amazing and I can not go without it... Love it, Love it... If in doubt - buy the book..." — Maritza W.

"This is a well put-together book with sweet recipes. It is beside my heat press divided by sublimation items. It replaces the amazing number of post-it stickers with items, temperatures, etc. that are stuck on a make-shift bulletin board. Seriously, this is an absolute blessing. Thank you!" — Margaret W.

"JenniferMaker never disappoints….another great and useful tool. It is very easy to follow and helps get great results and takes the guess work out. Another amazing book from JenniferMaker!" — Sheri J.

"This is an amazing book. So easy to follow and understand. My daughter and I are taking on a project that will include us making a 1000 tumblers and cups, this cookbook has come out at a perfect time. The Sublimation Cookbook has so much directions for us to follow. Thank you so much Jennifer Maker for putting all of these wonderful guide lines for us to follow and use in our crafting." — Jo Richards

"It's so nice to have all the references together - my walls have been cleared of all those reminder "post-it" notes! Even found some projects in the book I want to try now. I especially love various equipment settings - great as a back up plan in case something breaks down.. Thank you. Love this Cookbook!" — Suzan P.

"Love this! I’m always guessing and fumbling to find the proper time and temperature for sublimation. This guide is perfect! All the info in one place. The price is definitely worth it when you stop ruining items with improper settings." — Monika S.

Don't wait, grab your Sublimation Cookbook now and start using it immediately!