Holiday Maker Fest

Gingerbread House with DIY Gingerbread Scented Paint

Presented by Lucy Foxworth

November 4, 2020 - 4:00 pm ET
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Lucy shows you how to make Gingerbread House with acrylic paint and spices so the paper project smells and looks just like gingerbread. She also shows you how to make a permanent gingerbread house that looks and smells like real gingerbread. It's a project that can last and bring joy for many seasons to come. You even learn how to make a more sophisticated little Storybook Gingerbread House.

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Lucy Foxworth, Crafty Entrepreneur at Paper Glitter Glue

Lucy loves to make paper crafts, most often little paper houses that are perfect for Christmas. Lucy has been featured on and is a student success story for Jennifer's Cut Above SVG Design course.