Holiday Maker Fest

Planning a Debt Free Regret Free Holiday

Presented by Kim Anderson

November 4, 2020 - 1:00 pm ET
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Take the time to get down and thrifty this holiday season with Kim's guided (no boring budgets needed) strategy for creating the holiday you want with the money you have to work with so that you confidently walk into the New Year with a surge of satisfaction and not a trace of debt regret.

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Kim Anderson, Blogger & Author

Kim Anderson is the money loving lady behind Thrifty Little She believes that women have the ability to use whatever funds they have to strategically build the life they want. In fact, she helped her family pay off $93,000 in debt in under 2 years on one income! When she's not running her blog, she invests time in encouraging, educating and working with other women who want to create a life they love with an online business through Kim Anderson Consulting. Kim has been featured on USA Today,,, Women's Day, Taste of Home, and Good Housekeeping.