Holiday Maker Fest

How to Create a Holiday Budget & Pay Cash For the Holiday Spending Season

Presented by Jennifer Roskamp

How to Create a Holiday Budget

November 8, 2020 - 10:00 am EST
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In Guilt-Free Holiday Budgeting Rockstar, we walk through the process of anticipating all the holiday spending and whether that's reasonable to calculating how to afford it without throwing all that spending on a credit card. We talk about how much you need to set aside to make it happen without the overwhelming guilt of what you spent on the holiday season come January and even how the whole process of freeing up some extra holiday cash can be even easier as well as a little money-saving magic thrown in.

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Jennifer Roskamp, Owner/Creator of The Intentional Mom

Jennifer is a busy homeschooling mom of 9 who also operates an exciting online business. She is passionate about helping others experience the freedom that smart money management brings using the lessons she learned while becoming debt-free while also supporting her super-sized family. Jennifer's no-fluff solutions help keep the wheels from falling off the bus in her life...and it's been said that she knows where to hide the "good chocolate." Jennifer has been featured on the Do It Scared podcast, His and Her Money podcast, and on Fox News.