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Tinsel in a tangle?

I get it — 2020 has been a crazy year! But we can make this holiday season extra special for ourselves and the ones we love.

Planning and crafting takes time. And you may not have the luxury of enough uninterrupted time to watch all the classes all at once and implement them.

If that sounds like you, I'm excited to offer you the

When you invest in the VIP All Access Pass, you’re getting immediate lifetime access to all the classes plus oodles of other time-saving and money-saving bonuses.

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Lifetime Access to All Classes

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  • Access to every class and live event replay as soon as you grab your VIP All Access Pass.
  • Watch every class at your own convenience so you can take notes and implement what you’re learning.
  • Access never expires so come back whenever you want to freshen up on your favorite topics!

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  • Not sure if a class is for you? Get a snapshot of each class on the one-page cheat sheets that are available exclusively to VIP All Access Passholders. 
  • The cheat sheets hit the highlights of each class and break down the key takeaways into manageable action steps. 

Written Transcripts of Each Class

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  • Prefer to read instead of listen?! We’ve got you covered with full, edited transcripts for every session.
  • Each transcript is formatted into a printable PDF document so you can print if you wish!
  • The transcripts are great for following along, highlighting, and making notes as you watch and listen, too!

Extra VIP Bonuses!

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  • Amazing collection of bonuses from our teachers and speakers! Free files, e-books, courses, and discounts on courses and memberships! (Note that all VIP bonuses must be redeemed by November 30, 2020.)

The VIP Bonuses

Frame Masterclass
Ready, Set, Sew!
Christmas Banner SVG
Holiday Planning Spreadsheet
Christmas Planner
Post Holiday Organization
New Year's Eve Bingo Cards
Hey Lets Make Stuff Coupon
Lia Griffith Membership

Check out all of these amazing goodies included in your VIP All Access Pass...

Design Bundles and Patterns (DIGITAL):

SVG from Country Chic Cottage - FREE! ($14.50 value)

Fall/Christmas Bundle of 25 SVGs from Daily Dose of DIY - FREE! ($37 value)

Digital Watercolor Design Cell Phone & Computer Screen Backdrops from Craft Box Girls - FREE!

Animal Ear Pack Pattern Add-Ons from Fabric Ninja - FREE! ($5 value)

50% off any pattern from Rebecca Page

40 Zoom Backgrounds from Mom Resource - FREE!

10 Holiday Branch Banner Designs from Craft Room Time - FREE! ($12.99 value)

Subscriptions & Memberships:

1 month free membership to Sweet Life Society from I Heart Planners - FREE! ($29 value)

25% off membership to Lia Griffith ($99 value)

Gift Cards:

$20 coupon to the SVG shop from Hey Let's Make Stuff ($20 value)


10% off Hedgehog Hollow

Binders & Planners (DIGITAL):

Post Holiday Organization Binder from Our Home Made Easy - FREE! ($15 value)

Busy Budgeter's Christmas Planner - FREE! ($9.99 value)

Digital Holiday Planning Spreadsheet from Living Well Spending Less - FREE! ($47 value)

E-Books (DIGITAL):

17 Tips for Engraving With Your Cricut Maker from Well Crafted Studio - FREE!

Art Arrangements Made Simple from Kaleidoscope Living - FREE! ($18 value)

Newbie's Guide to Cricut Design Space from Bettes Makes - FREE! ($44 value)

Courses (DIGITAL):

Side Hustles That Work from Caroline Vencil - FREE! ($97 value)

Pop-Up Gift Card Holder by Scrap Me Quick Designs - FREE! ($19 value)

10 Steps to a Brilliant Budget from The Intentional Mom - FREE! ($19 value)

25% off Ready, Set, Sew! sewing course from Sweet Red Poppy ($37.25 value)

Building Wooden Frames Masterclass from Makers Gonna Learn - FREE! ($97 value)

Creative Craft Cutting Quickstart Course from Crafty Life Mom - FREE!

Alcohol Ink Christmas Cards Course from Stamp Me Some Love - FREE!

10% off any course from Stamp Me Some Love

Note: All bonuses must be redeemed by November 30, 2020

Answers to Your Questions

Wait, wasn't this free? Why would I need to purchase the VIP All Access Pass?

Yes! Every class and live event in the Holiday Maker Fest WAS free for viewers to access for 24 hours from its scheduled air time, but that free viewing period is now over. The VIP All Access Pass gives you lifetime access to all of the 2020 Holiday Maker Fest classes and live event replays. You can start watching right now, and you can watch anytime, anywhere, as many times as you’d like! And don’t forget that VIP All Access Passholders get over $600 of bonus materials and coupons from our teachers and speakers plus downloadable cheat sheets and transcripts!

I'm interested in the VIP All Access Pass, but I'm afraid I won't use it. How do I know it's for me?

I get it — you want a special holiday, but you’re not sure if you’re purchasing a real thing or a gimmick. These classes are jam packed with real life solutions and techniques that you can start using today. If you watch just one class and start applying just one of the key takeaways or start making just one project, you will have accomplished something few others do. You have to do the work and there's no magic "easy" button, but if you're willing to try and not give up, these classes can give you the inspiration and motivation you need to get started on an extra special holiday this year.

And while we're confident that the VIP All Access Pass is well worth the investment, if you dive into the classes and aren’t completely satisfied, you're covered with my 30-day Happiness Guarantee! Just reach out to our support team and request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. 

There are SO MANY amazing classes! How will I ever watch them all?

You probably won't, and you don't need to either! We have so many classes so there's something for everyone at the Holiday Maker Fest. Start with a few and go from there.

I see lots of great classes, but some things don't apply to me. Do I have to get everything together?

How much would you pay to have a stand-out holiday season this year? The Holiday Maker Fest reaches women in all walks of life, so if you start a class and it’s just not working for you, move on to the next one! We sell the VIP All Access Pass as a complete package, and you never know which teacher or class will be the one that inspires and motivates you.

If you’re worried about getting your money’s worth, don’t be. Just three or four of these classes alone are well worth the cost of the VIP All Access Pass, and don’t forget about the bonuses! In fact, some of the bonuses are worth more than the cost of the pass itself!

Okay, this sounds way too good to be true. Is this for real?

The Holiday Maker Fest is such a good deal that it almost sounds too good to be true, but you’ll be joining thousands of All Access Passholders who also got an amazing deal – no strings attached! Within just a few minutes of your purchase you’ll get an email with instructions for accessing all of the Holiday Maker Fest 2020 classes. If you run into any technical difficulties, I’ve got an amazing customer care team on call who are more than ready to jump in and help you out!

Is this a one-time payment or recurring fee?

The VIP All Access Pass is a simple one-time payment. This is not a subscription nor is it a recurring fee, and we have no payment plans for this pass.

Do I have to buy it again next year if you host this event again?

If we do it again next year, which I don't yet know if we will, it would be entirely new classes and you would need to buy another pass if you wanted one. We may or may not do more of these, and they may or may not be for the holidays every time. So the VIP All Access Pass for Holiday Maker Fest 2020 is just for 2020.

I am a student in another course or workshop you offer. Is the VIP All Access Pass included free in that?

No, the Holiday Maker Fest is a collaborative effort between me and 40 other amazing teachers and the VIP All Access Pass is not included in any of my other resources.

What if I don't have time for the VIP All Access Pass right now?

I know life is crazy and busy! If you don’t have time to watch the classes in the VIP All Access Pass today, no worries. You’ll get lifetime access to every single class and live event replay – they’ll be ready and waiting for you when you’re ready to get started!

I have another question. Can you help?

Of course! Please send an email to vip@jennifermaker.com and we'll do our best to assist!

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